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I am a huge Star Trek: The Next Generation fan.  Even though this isn’t directly related to my writing exercises I would nevertheless like to take a moment to discuss an episode from season 6 entitled Tapestry. In this episode Captain Jean-Luc Picard is given an opportunity to relive his life at age 21. For the benefit of those who have been living under a rock since 1993, I’ll go over the plot. For those of you who have already seen it, well then, this will be a nice review. Or you can Click this to jump ahead.

Make it so number one!

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My internal Critic.

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This sucks, and I’m a terrible writer. I can’t ever seem to get the ideas in my subconscious to come out in any sort of logical, interesting way. Even this little exercise about how I’m writing about how I’m a terrible writer is plagued by my internal critic. I can’t even write about writing about bad writing in a way that doesn’t suck. I obsess over every word. Do my ideas connect? They probably aren’t even interesting. I bet that I’m leaving out something totally obvious. Or someone else has already done this before and they have done it better. Way better. I shouldn’t even bother trying, because after all, someone else has already done it, and they have done it better. If I put something out there it will just waste people’s time. And what about the idea that isn’t already out there? Why don’t I write about that you ask? Well my internal critic has an answer for that too: Someone else can probably do it better, and when they do it will make your work look so terrible that you will be shamed forever. So it’s better to not even try because that way you won’t have to feel bad when people laugh at you. True, you’ll never actually accomplish anything, but at least this way you won’t get made fun of.

Everyone’s a critic

Writing Exercise #3

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Writing Exercise: Develop a religion where people worship something that no one would ever worship in our world. And it can’t be silly.

These people worship Rhythm and Vibration.  They believe that their deity manifests itself through vibration.  It’s not all sound that’s sacred–it’s specific rhythmic vibrations.  The longer, louder, and slower, the better.  They believe that the chaotic noises of nature (e.g. wind, thunder, quakes, etc) are their God fighting the Silence.  The Silence seeks to still everything, and stop all life.  These people believe that the human heartbeat was given to mankind as a reminder and connection to God.  They believe that the Silence seeks to quiet their rhythm by causing chaos in man’s soul. Sin causes the harmony of their own rhythm to fall out of sync with their God’s rhythm.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Writing Exercise #2

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The prompt is: “You can never go home again.”

Lerit pulled gently on Switch’s reins and coaxed him to a stop at the crest of the hill.  The old steed grunted in protest, but eventually halted.  The small village laid out before him, nestled tightly in the small valley below.  Lerit thought that he had been prepared to see it again, but he found himself surprised by how he felt.  It had been three years since he’d left this village.  Three years since the day he’d discovered his power.  Three years since they exiled him for using it.  Three years since he’d been forced to leave his home behind.  He had expected to feel sad, or perhaps even angry at seeing the tiny village again.  But instead he found he was relieved.  It was good to see Creat again.

The trip up had been

Writing Execise #1

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Here’s my first writing exercise.  The prompt was “The prince has gone missing.”

Tendrin stumbled out of the brothel and into the frigid night.  He cursed to himself as he pulled his long cloak tighter in a vain effort to keep out the harsh cold.  It was the kind of bitter, stabbing cold that chilled a man’s very soul and removed all hope of ever being warm again. Being cold forever was a fear that tugged at the back of Tendrin’s mind often as of late.  The nights were growing longer and the chill was getting colder.  It wasn’t the topic of polite conversation, but people still whispered about it.  In back rooms and around private bar tables rumors abounded that the time of The Long Night was finally at hand.

Snow piled up in heavy drifts

What the future holds (plus a bonus story)

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Cataclysm is looming on the horizon, and patch 4.0.1 is right around the corner.  However, aside from telling you folks that I only log in once every other day or so to sell [Solid Sky Sapphire]’s, I have nothing WoW related to talk about right now.  But that’s not really new information.  I already told y’all I’m on hiatus–although clearly I’m not very good at hiatus-ing.  I guess it’s only a ‘sort-of hiatus’.  A kind of, ‘I-may-or-may-not-write-posts-now-but-they-won’t-be-at-all-regular-and-probably-won’t-be-WoW-related-until-Cataclysm-comes-out hiatus’.  Sometimes I really want to tell y’all an anecdote or two, but I don’t want people to be disappointed if/when I don’t write regularly.  However, I also want to make sure that y’all know that regular (the goal is to get up to twice a week again) posts of some form or another will be forthcoming upon the arrival of Cataclysm. I hope so anyway.  If not, I’ll have to re-evaluate my blogging goals.

I see one of 3 things happening:

  1. I love the expansion, it fires me up about the game again, and I continue much as I have been; passionately and intelligently discussing the game while occasionally tossing in non-WoW-related anecdotes.
  2. I only kind of like the expansion and grow bored with it rapidly.  I no longer have anything interesting to say about the game, because the game no longer holds my interest.  I let my WoW account lapse, and stop updating this blog until eventually I make one of those lame ‘farewell posts’ and 2a) stop posting, but leave all the previous posts up or 2b) delete this blog in its entirety.
  3. I loose interest in the game and/or writing about it, but still want to continue blogging.  In that event I would 3a) stop posting on this site and ‘freeze’ it–locking posts and comments–but move it to a domain name that I don’t have to pay to renew every year; 3b) completely stop posting about the game, but leave the site as is and continue to blog about whatever tickles my fancy under the guise of ‘The Cranky Old Gnome’; or 3c) archive all the WoW related posts (re: delete from this website and store them either on a free domain name or just my own hard-drive) and only talk about non-wow things.

I can’t predict the future so I can’t really say which of these things will happen.  I do know which ones are most likely.  Regardless of whether or not I enjoy Cataclysm I will keep blogging.  If I no longer want to post about World of Warcraft related topics, I will probably let this site revert back to it’s original “https://crankyoldgnome.wordpress.com/” domain name, but leave all the posts up and continue to allow comments.  Then I will probably start up a new site, and talk primarily about what it’s like to work in the entertainment industry.  Maybe call it something like “A Hard Day’s Work”.  Or something.

Now, here’s a story about my creepy roommate.

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I’ll be back

September 9, 2010 § 3 Comments

So it turns out that planning a wedding takes a hell of a lot more time and energy than I first realized.  So basically, all the free time I used to have to dedicate to wow and blog writing has pretty much been swallowed up in what promises to be one hell of an awesome wedding!

With that, I’m just letting y’all know I’m not dead, and that I fully intend on coming back to the game and to the blog.  But for now, I’m on official hiatus until Cataclysm actually comes.  At which point I’ll start up again for reals.

One a different note–Operation Gnomeregan started yesterday!  My reaction to it? The event itself was lots of fun.  Fighting for the glory of the gnomes was fantastic.  And, despite my political differences with the High Tinker, it was an honor fighting along side him and the myriad of other characters they introduced (whose names I don’t remember at the moment).  However, the ending left me feeling…empty.  ‘Is that it?’ I thought.  I mean, at least in the Fall of Zalazane we actually get to kill Zalazane.  At the end of this little Operation, Thermaplug is still alive, and Gnomeregan is still full of radiation.  All we retook was the surface.  Really?  That’s it?  That’s poppycock.  Poppycock I say!  I sure as hell hope that something more happens when Cataclysm drops. Cause if not, what the hell was the point?

Also, I know I could probably find out by researching the beta stuff, but I’m really trying my damnedest to avoid spoiler info about Cataclysm.  It’s been a real challenge by the way.  I’ve pretty much given up on reading all my usual WoW blogs because I don’t want to risk it.  So don’t go posting spoiler info in the comments or I will be very disappointed in you.

“[Insert clever sign off phrase here]”


PS: Oh yeah, one more thing, I finally downed the Lich King the other night!  It took us 134 attempts.

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