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September 1, 2009 § 2 Comments

I hate first posts.

See, this is where I’m supposed to jot down a bit about myself, my blog, and what I hope will come of it.  All very standard stuff.  And it’s not that I dislike the idea of first posts–in fact I love going back through other people’s blogs and reading their first post.

The problem is I’m not very good at first posts.

It reminds me of my first day of college. The teacher went around the room and had everyone say their name and list a few hobbies, their favorite food, what their major was, etc.  Row by row, people stood up and said their names.  Everyone seemed to have something witty or interesting or funny to say. But there I was, dreading my turn.  I tried to plan out what I would say, try to think of a joke or make up some obscure hobby.  Four more people till me. –Come on, think of a hobby.– Three more people. –Underwater basket-weaving? No, that’s stupid.– Two more people. –European tight-rope-walker?– One more person. –Albino rhino hunter? Yeah that’s it.–  Ok it’s my turn…

I forgot my own name.  I’m not even sure what I said in the end.  I remember standing up, my mind going blank, mumbling…something…and then sitting back down.  I did get a laugh though, so at least there’s that…

But I digress.  I hate first posts ’cause I always put too much on myself to be clever, or funny, or come up with some grand all-encompassing summary of what my blog will be.  I’ve actually tried to start blogging on at least 4 other occasions, but never managed to get past the first post.  I was really good at setting up the templates, themes, fonts, about page, links, calendar, background image, header, and hit counter.  But that damned first post….

But I’m going to make myself get through it.  And I apologize in advance if it’s not very elegant.  But the info will be there.

For now, this blog will primarily be about my favorite leisure activity: World of Warcraft.  I don’t have an idea of what specifically this will mean.  It may be any of the following: tanking (which I LOVE), my user interface (which I’m in the process of rebuilding), addons (I’m a total addon junkie), Thistlefizz (my wonderful little gnome), my shaman alter ego, Zulaijang (Resto4Life!), or my gross overuse of parenthetical statements.  I’m hoping that as I put pen to paper–or pixels to screen as it were–that a plan and a focus will form itself.  And if not, well, I guess I’ll just keep meandering around, much like I have in this damned first post.

“[Insert clever sign off phrase here]”


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