Who am I?

What is this blog all about?

Man, that is a damn good question. This blog started out as a way to journal my wanderings through World Of Warcraft. Then it became a place where I could post some short stories. Then life got in the way and it sat dormant for a long time. Now? Well, now this blog is going to be whatever the hell I feel like writing about. Hopefully things will coalesce into something more meaningful and targeted, but for now, let’s not worry about it.


Feel free to comment on anything and everything.  I welcome all comments, as long as they are civilized and polite.  While the vanity in me hopes that any comment I get will be positive and glowing, you can still disagree with me and comment about it.  As long as you keep it civilized, I won’t shy away from any comments.  My only rule is that if it’s your first comment on the site I have to approve it before it gets posted–it helps prevent spam and jerks.  After that first one all of the rest of your comments will appear as soon as you make them.  And, not that I really expect enough people will be coming to here for this to be a problem but no flame wars. Seriously people, this is not reddit or 4chan. Be nice.

Also, I will try my best to respond to what you say, but I don’t always have the time or energy to do so, so don’t get offended if you don’t get a response.  If you really really want a response, email me.

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