That just seems…mean

June 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m currently leveling a druid (my horde guild is trying for an all-druid raid) and I came across a quest in the Searing Gorge called “Kill ‘Em Softly With Sleep Deprivation”.  The idea is that the Thorium Brotherhood is looking for ways to cause the Dark Irons trouble.  So they have me go in and steal their pillows. It just seemed really….silly.  After I’d stolen some pillows a large group of sleepy Dark Iron Workers showed up and yelled, “Our pillas! Someone has stolen our pillas!”  and then later, “We’ll not let this act of madness go unpunished!”  Finally a very large, angry looking dwarf named Chambermaid Pillaclencher showed up and yelled some nonsense about her pillows.

(pause for gratuitous booby joke)

(moving on)

It just seems like a really mean thing to do.  I mean, kill the Dark Irons and destroy their base of operations — that’s war.  But going in and stealing their pillows so they have to rest their heads on rocks is just…mean.

“[Insert clever sign off phrase here]”


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  • Finni says:

    That is hilarious 🙂 I’m going for Loremaster (finally) on my priest and stumbled on that quest the other night. In 5 plus years and a number of over level 50 toons, I had never done that quest. It was so fun! I was cackling the whole time!

    I was moving along, stealing pillows and all of a sudden something interrupted me. It was about 12 or so non-elite dwarves hollering about their pillows… I thought “oh man, these dwarves are pisssssed!”

    Much fun 😀 Thanks for the re-laugh!

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