Character Selection Screen

December 9, 2009 § 3 Comments

So, anyone else notice that the character selection screen looks a tiny bit different?  Well, I did.  It’s just a slightly lighter tint.

Also, the character creation screen underwent an overhaul.  The fonts are a little different, and now it shows a graphic for each class despite the race.  However, some of them are lit up, some aren’t.  Only those classes that you can play as that race are lit up.  Also a giant “Wrath of the Lich King” icon is in the upper right hand corner.  And the race and class descriptions are slightly different.

Why am I bothering to ‘break this news’?  Well, news breaking isn’t actually my thing.  Actually I wanted to use it as a jumping off point for discussing the character selection screen.  It’s time it underwent more than a tint change.  In my fantasy world where I am King and everyone bows to Thistlefizz and I have a long purple robe, with a long scepter with a rabbit on top, here is my list of changes and additions;

First, increase the number of characters that can be created on each realm to 12.

Next, I would make it so that you can see if a character has any mail or calendar invites.  I don’t need specifics, just if there is anything pending.

Also, maybe a clock with server time displayed.

I would move the enable addon icon from the character selection screen to being an in-game feature.

I would change up the default background.  Yes, I’m sure we’ve all grown to love the current ones and there would be plenty of nerd-rage nostalgia fights if it changed, but I think something new would be nice.  I would also make a different one for the gnomes (different from the dwarves), same with the trolls/orcs.  I don’t care if they have the same starting area.  I want unique backgrounds dammit!  Makes me curious as to what the backgrounds will be for the Worgen and Goblins.

Oh yeah, how could I forget?  I would make it so you can change the order of the characters in the character list.

That’s it really.  Anything you would like to see different?

“[Insert clever sign off phrase here]”


§ 3 Responses to Character Selection Screen

  • Anea says:

    I like all your ideas, esp. reordering and different backgrounds. What I’d like as a feature is regarding the creation screen – give us the ability to check realms where a certain name IS available!

    • Sketchykeys says:

      I agree 120% with everything you and Fizz said, and yes, I would LOVE to know what servers have my creative names still open for new characters. Because even though it’s always free, I can’t name ALL my characters on other realms Sketchykeys.

  • Syrana says:

    Great suggestions. I’ve longed for 12 character slots per realm and the ability to reorder my characters.

    Anea is spot on, I’d love to check name availability BEFORE spending time tweaking my character’s look.

    Different backgrounds would be nice… and one way that could be handled (maybe?) without taking away nostalgia would be to have a few random ones that’ll pop up.. so each time you log in and select a character there’s a few different ones you could see behind it.

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