PTR: The premade Warrior, Thistleorc

November 18, 2009 § 2 Comments

Ok, I know I shouldn’t be that surprised.  I mean, the whole idea behind a pre-made character is so that you can jump right into the end game raiding world.  But holy freaking crap man.  It’s just a little jarring to log into a character that automatically has 5k gold, maxed enchanting/jewel crafting, 3 full sets of epic gear, enchanting and jewelcrafting supplies out the yin-yang and dual spec ready to go.  My own character isn’t even close to being this decked out and he’s been around for years.  So…it was a little weird.

And apparently there’s someone in trade who doesn’t quite understand the purpose of pre-mades.

So, how’s everyone enjoying the free epics that I had to work my ass off for in live?

Um…really?  Clearly you missed the point.  This comment (or something similar) was made probably once every 10 minutes.

In addition to all the gear and supplies, all my weapon skills are maxed out as well as riding and first aid (no cooking? sad). I’m also Exalted with all Horde Factions, the Horde Expedition, the Warsong offensive, and the Northrend factions you can champion.  I’m also revered with the entire Steamwheedle Cartel.  This of course gave me a number of achievements so I’m rockin’ the “Ambassador” title.  I’ve also apparently been everywhere already, have all flight paths and have the explorers achievement/tabbard (which I’m wearing).  It’s very interesting.

One of the things I’m looking forward to is seeing if I can get myself properly gemmed/enchanted/talented on my one without looking up any theory crafting sites.  Should be interesting.


*Edit: It’s a little weird though that I get all this premade stuff, but no glyphs.  Not that I’m complaining, I just think it’s interesting.

So, because I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who haven’t ever tried the Public Test Realms, and haven’t made an insta-80, I’ve decided to include a full list of what was included after the break. Because I find it interesting, so I imagine at least one of you does too:

Glacial Bag (22 slot) x11
Hearthstone x1

Runic Healing Injector (20 per stack) x4 stacks
Heavy Frostweave Bandage (20 per stack) x4 stacks
Black Jelly (food/water) (20 per stack) x4 stacks
Flask of Stoneblood (20 per stack) x1 stack*
Flask of Endless Rage (20 per stack) x1 stack*
Potion of Speed (20 per stack) x4 stacks
Mammoth Cutters (1000 per stack) x1 stack

*Also included in the bank was “Mixture of Stoneblood” x10 and “Mixture of Endless Rage” x10. Each of these mixtures creates two flasks of the same name. So effectively I was given an extra stack of each flask.

Profession Supplies:
Simple Grinder x1
Runed Titanium Rod x1
Dream Shard (20 per stack) x 2 stacks
Greater Cosmic Essence (10 per stack) x 4 stacks
Infinite Dust (20 per stack) x 5 stacks
Abyss Crystal (20 per stack) x 2 stacks
Eye of Zul (20 per stack) x1 stack
Dreadstone (20 per stack) x1 stack
King’s Amber (20 per stack) x1 stack
Cardinal Ruby (20 per stack) x1 stack
Dragon’s Eye (20 per stack) x1 stack
Majestic Zircon (20 per stack) x1 stack
Ametrine (20 per stack) x1 stack
Earthsiege Diamond (20 per stack) x1 stack
Skyflare Diamond (20 per stack) x1 stack

Item Enhancement
Eternal Belt Buckle (20 per stack) x1 stack
Greater Inscription of the Axe x2
Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle x1
Arcanum of Torment x2
Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector x1
Acranum of the Savage Gladiator x1
Frosthide Leg Armor (20 per stack) x1 stack
Earthen Leg Armor (20 per stack) x1 stack
Icescale Leg Armor (20 per stack) x1 stack

Raven Lord
Bronze Drake

PvP Gear:
Relentless Gladiator’s Plate Helm (ilvl 251)
Relentless Gladiator’s Pendant of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Relentless Gladiator’s Plate Shoulders (ilvl 251)
Relentless Glatiator’s Cloack of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Relentless Gladiator’s Plate Chestpiece (ilvl 251)
Relentless Gladiator’s Bracers of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Relentless Gladiator’s Plate Gauntlets (ilvl 251)
Relentless Gladiator’s Girdle of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Relentless Gladiator’s Plate Legguards (ilvl 251)
Relentless Gladiator’s Greaves of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Furious Gladiator’s Band of Triumph (ilvl 226)
Furious Gladiator’s Band of Victory (ilvl 245)
Medallion of the Horde (ilvl 226)
Battlemaster’s Rage (ilvl 245)
Relentless Gladiator’s Decapitator (ilvl 245) x2
Relentless Gladiator’s Cleaver (ilvl 245)
Relentless Gladiator’s War Edge (ilvl 245)

DPS Gear:
Hellscream’s Helmet of Triumph (ilvl 245)
The Executioner’s Vice (ilvl 245)
Hellscream’s Shoulderplates of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Might of the Nerub (ilvl 245)
Hellscream’s Battleplate of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Armplates of the Nether Lord (ilvl 245)
Hellscream’s Gauntlets of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Belt of the Impaler (ilvl 245)
Hellscream’s Legplates of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Greaves of the Saronite Citadel (ilvl 245)
Gormok’s Band (ilvl 245)
Ring of the Violent Temprermant (ilvl 245)
Vengeance of the Forsaken (ilvl 245)
Death’s Choice (ilvl 245)
Battlemaster’s Fury (ilvl 245)
Dual-blade Butcher (ilvl 245) x2
Widebarrel Flintlock (ilvl 245)

Tank Gear:
Hellscream’s Greathelm of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Fortitude of the Infernal (ilvl 245)
Hellscream’s Pauldrons of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Titanskin Cloak (ilvl 239)
Hellscream’s Breastplate of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Saronite Swordbreakers (ilvl 245)
Hellscream’s Handguards of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Belt of Bloodied Scars (ilvl 245)
Hellscream’s Legguards of Triumph (ilvl 245)
Greaves of the Lingering Vortex (ilvl 245)
Band of the Traitor King (ilvl 245)
Band of the Twin Val’kyr (ilvl 245)
Glyph of Indomitability (ilvl 245)
Juggernaut’s Vitality (ilvl 245)

§ 2 Responses to PTR: The premade Warrior, Thistleorc

  • Westin says:

    The Inscription HQ in Dalaran should be populated with glyph vendors for every class. Sometimes it’s not, though, and sometimes it is, but they’re standing inside walls or other NPCs. Such is life, eh?

    Since the glyphs effectively cost nothing and your pockets are effectively bottomless, buy a few stacks and swap them out on the go to see if you find something you like.

    • thistlefizz says:

      I finally did locate them in Dalaran. I think my problem was there was too much lag for the NPCs to actually load so I couldn’t see them.

      I had the same thought as you though–buy a bunch of different glyphs and swap them around to see what comes of it.

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