Gnome racials are underpowered, just like everyone elses.

November 10, 2009 § 2 Comments

The Stoppable Force had an article today about racial abilities.  Rather than take up enormous space in his comments section (I already did that is his post about instances), I’m gonna cheat a little and just do my own post about what I think would make cool racial abilities.

Over all I would like a few things to change things across the board.  First of all, I would like to see a change to any profession bonuses.  Either I would like there to be recipes/schematics/whatever that are only available above the level cap (thus actually providing some benefit to having 465 engineering as opposed to having 450), or I would people without the profession (but have the racial bonus) to be able to access one or two of the cool high-end things.

Secondly, get rid of weapon racials.  I hate them. They are stupid. Sorry, I don’t actually have clever reasoning to give.  I just don’t like them.

The other thing I would like to see is the racials being more helpful to each class that race can be.  For example, having an “Expansive Mind” (plus 5% Intellect) is useless as a warrior, or a rogue..  Sure that’s great for mages, warlocks, and eventually priests, but not the other two.  Yes, you could say that Escape Artist makes up for it, but really that’s beneficial for all the gnome classes.  If there’s something for casters, I would like to see something for the melee.  It doesn’t even need to be as specific as something for heals, something for ranged dps, something for tanks, something for melee dps.  Just something caster & something for melee.  But maybe that’s too much wishful thinking.

Anyway, let’s get to the heart of the matter.  I’ve kept most of the good ones, just with a couple changes.  Also, I’m aware that some of these are probably waaaaaay overpowered.  But that’s the fun part right?  Oh and by the way, as I only really play a gnome and a troll, those are the only two I’m going to do this for.  Because doing it for all the races would take way to long and way more energy than I have.


Tutelage of the High Tinker: 15 point bonus skill to engineering.  Allows limited access to certain engineering-only devices regardless of skill level/profession. (e.g. Dalaran AH, enchants)

You Can’t Hit What You Can’t See: Instant, increase dodge/block/parry by 10% by 6 sec. 3 min. cooldown. (something for the warrior tanks out there!)

Expansive Mind: (passive) Increase Intellect by 5%. Also increases hit rating by 3%.

Arcane Resistance: (passive) Increase arcane resistance by 3%.

Escape Artist: Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed effects, and makes you immune to them for the next 10 seconds. Instant cast. 1 min, 30 sec cooldown.

For Gnomeregan!: Opens a wormhole to the center of the newly retaken Gnomeregan.  3 sec cast. 30 minute cooldown. (not shared with hearthstone)


Regeneration: (passive) Increase healing regen by 10% in and out of combat.

Da Voodoo Shuffle: (passive) Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%

Berserking: Instant. Increases melee speed/spell haste by 20% for 10 seconds.  (No longer related to health level because I think that’s stupid. Again, nothing clever, just stupid.)

Beast Mastery: Affinity towards beasts.  Taming pets is easier/faster.  Also grants the ability to purchase and ride any faction mount regardless of reputation.

Jungle Beat: (passive) Nature resistance increased by 3%.

The “I Win” Totem: Only available to troll shamans.  Instant cast. 6 month cooldown.  Drops a totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster. Grants 100% to all stats of all members in the raid.  Kills any enemy within 200 yards, regardless of level.  Includes raid bosses.  Lasts 5 minutes.  Consumes all mana available as well as 15% of your total gold across all characters.

Ok I totally lied.  I thought of a few good ones for some of the other races.


Cartography: (passive) Skill with maps increased.  Grants ability to track treasure, ore, and herbs simultaneously.

Strength of the Explorer: (passive) Increased stamina/strength by 5%.

I’ve been here before: (passive) Allows dwarf access to old maps, books, and word of mouth which grants them every flight path in Azeroth (including Northrend) and Outlands. Reduced travel cost.

Skill of the Titans: (passive) Increased blacksmithing skill by 15.  Allows access to blacksmith only enchants regardless of skill level or profession.  Also reduces material costs for smelting certain items.

Runed Iron Form: (formerly Stoneform)  Instant. Removes all disease, poison, magic, charm, curse, or any other damage over time effect.  Reduces movement speed by 50%. 5 min cooldown.


Diplomacy: Increases the rate at which reputation is gained by 10%.  Also, starts off all reputations with at least 50% neutral.

Human Spirit: Increase spirit by 5%.  Increase resilience by 15.

Loyalty to the King!: Instant.  Calls on the will of the Alliance increasing total health by 20%

Dude, I see you: Increases stealth detection on PVE targets.  Able to completely see through PvP target’s stealth when activated.

Skilled hands: Increases tailoring skill by 15.  Increases the effectiveness of cloth scavenging.  Allows access to tailoring only enhancements regardless of skill level/profession.


Blessing of the Naaru: Instant cast. Heals target by x amount over 15 seconds.  Based on spell power/attack power whichever is higher.  If activated when at full health, increases total health by 20% for 30 seconds.  5 minute cooldown.

Gemmcutting: Increases jewelcrafting by 5.  Increases the effectiveness of prospecting skill. Allows access to jewelcrafting only enhancements regardless of skill level/profession.

Heroic Presence: Aura.  Increases chance to hit with spells and abilities by 2% for all party and raid members.  40 yard range.

Shadow Resistance: Reduces the chance to be hit with shadow spells by 3%

E.T. Phone Home!: Instant.  Reconnects with the mother ship, completly eliminating rez sickness and reducing durability loss from spirit rez to 20% (down from 75%).  Only effects equipped items.  5 hour cooldown.

Night Elf:

I’m a dirty hippie: Whines and moans about a bunch of nonsense about saving the sick gazelle in the Barrens.  Increases whining by 10% and judgmental nosiness by 100%.

Shadowmeld Run Away!: Steps into the shadows, reduces enemies ability to detect you.  Drops threat.  Allows you to watch the rest of your party die while you hide in the shadows.

Summon Very Big Bad Guy: Call down the forces of some evil villain thinking that you will be able to exploit them for your own gain, only to have them turn against you.  Again.  (Burning Legion anyone?)



I’ll leave the rest of the Horde to someone who knows those races better.  Besides that, I think my creativity is all tapped out, as you can tell by the boring ones for the Draenei.

“[Insert clever sign off phrase here]”


§ 2 Responses to Gnome racials are underpowered, just like everyone elses.

  • Anea says:

    Interesting ideas! I think that the Dwarf racials would give others a run for their money (Cartography and I’ve Been Here Before? Yes, please!)

    I’d be interested to see what would be said about the rest of the Horde races (I don’t know enough about them to come up with anything clever, sadly.)

  • monkey says:

    Oh man “IT BURNS!!!!” I made the mistake of reading the night elf section with a mouth full or MT Dew a bad time for a laugh…it was through the nose or spew on the yeah Mt dew burns, also the Dwarf racials are full of win!

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