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November 5, 2009 § 1 Comment

I am well aware that getting the Loremaster achievement is a huge time sink.  But I’m finally finished!

I actually feel really accomplished.  I started out doing it simply because I enjoy learning all the lore there is in the game.  And I learned an amazing amount of information.  However, around the time I hit 300/700 quests in Kalimdor I got really frustrated.  See, I have this little monster inside of me.  I call him Captain Neurotic.  He is the most anal, crazy, OCD completionist monster ever.  He’s the reason that all my clocks are set to exactly the same second, that all the bills in my wallet face the same direction and go in sequential order, and that I was completely intent on finishing the Loremaster achievement even at the expense of stalling my game progression.  I wanted my final Loremaster achivement to be from from Northrend, and I wanted the final zone to be Icecrown.  Well, that meant that I had to stop questing in Icecrown until I finished the other requirements.  And because I wanted Thistlefizz to be my first character to experience all the Icecrown lore, when my shaman finally made it there, I consciously decided not to do the quest so as not to spoil anything.  Yeah that’s right.  That’s how crazy I am.

So now that I have finally finished doing it I kinda feel like I can get back to the game again.  Heh…actually you know what it reminds me of?  If you ever saw that episode of South Park that was about Warcraft, there is a moment at the end, where after they have sunk all this time and effort into accomplishing one goal one of them says, “We did it.  What do we do now?”  And Cartment replies, “What do you mean? Now we can finally start playing the game.”  And that’s kinda how I feel.  Captain Neurotic can finally relax and stop hounding me day in and day out to get it done and I can move on.


Loremaster of Kalimdor

It felt really good to get this one done.

Loremaster Northrend

Even though I earned 3 achievements at once, it only displayed 2. Interesting.

In addition to getting The Loremaster achievement and title, I earned the following achievements that are a direct result of my loremastering (meaning I either earned simply by quesing for the loremaster or working on at the same time as I was specifically doing the loremaster stuff.  Also, if meta achievements are involed I only listed the highest level of that achievement, as all the lower stuff is implied.  But I did indicate how many achievements it included.):

[The Loremaster] includes 19 other achievements.

[Got My Mind On My Money] 1000g version

[3000 Quests Completed] earned a title for that–that I actually carry more than The Loremaster.  It’s The Seeker.

[The Bread Winner] 10,000g version. Includes ## achievements.

[Blade’s Edge Bomberman]

[Bombs Away]

[Hemet Nesingwary: The Collected Quests] includes 3 other achievements.

[Of Blood and Anguish]

[Guru of Drakuru]

[Veteran of the Wrathgate]

[D.E.H.T.A.’s Little P.I.T.A.] Damn hippies.  I wish my completionist monster hadn’t required me to help these stupid hippies.

Just as an FYI: I have another post coming later today that talks a little about the process of getting the Loremaster (among other things).  So check back later for another long, and very rambley post.

“[Insert clever sign off phrase here]”


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  • Anea says:

    Big grats on your achievement! I hope to get that achievement. One day. One day…

    Looking forward to the “process of getting Loremaster” post as well!

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