Transfer Aborted: Instance Not Found

October 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

Alright, so I’m not a computer programmer so I don’t know all the ins and outs of servers and instances and such.  What I do know is that when I log in on a Saturday night and can’t log in to any instance or raid I get rather upset.   I try not to rail on Blizzard specifically too much for issues.  Most of my daily gripes are player related.  First it was “additional instances cannot be launched.”  Now, it’s “transfer aborted: Instance not found.”

I don’t know what that means in computer speak.  What I do know is it’s obnoxious.  I’m not surprised that something like this happened.  WoW is a computer program.  Computer programs have bugs.  What’s actually bothering me is that there is no information about the problem.  Not even an acknowledgment.  By the time most people read this post, it’s likely that Blizzard will have given some info and the problem might even be fixed.  But for now, nothing.  Not a single blue post on the forums.

All I wish for is an acknowledgment of an issue.  A blue post that says, “hey here’s an issue.  This is why it’s happening (we think).  Here is what we are doing.”  I don’t even need an estimation of how long they think it will take.  I just want to know that Blizzard is doing SOMETHING.

Oh well.  It’s not really that big of a deal and it will be fixed soon.  It’s just annoying.

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