Everyone has an off-night sometimes

September 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

So last Saturday night I was having a real off-night.  First off I was late to the weekly raid of my shaman’s guild because I thought it was Sunday (the raid, I mean–for some reason I thought it was on Sunday).  I had been distracted all day because I had been helping my girlfriend take care of her recently spayed rabbits.  Poor little things were having a hard time because they wanted to lay down on the wood floor, but it was too cold for their shaved bellies.

Anyway, I was late to the raid.  I felt bad because right now that guild is progressing through Ulduar and we are working on Hodir.  I don’t claim to be more valuable than anyone else, but because I have been there during our learning phase, my role as a resto shaman is kinda key to downing Hodir. But it’s no more key than our druid tank or our mage dps, etc etc.  The point is, because I was late I figured they wouldn’t be able to run Ulduar.  Well it turns out there weren’t enough sign ups anyway, and they had decided to run Naxx to gear up some alts.

Well they summoned me in and I got all ready to heal.  We were working in the Construct Quarter, and they had already taken down Patchwerk.  For some reason, we were all having serious issues with frogger.  I died twice in a row.  Then we got to um…that boss right after that whose name escapes me at the moment.  Grobbulus, that’s it.  We wiped hard on him.  People were having a hard time staying out of the poison and the tanks couldn’t seem to pick up the slimes.

We all ended up at the graveyard and started to fly back.  I got halfway there and somehow dismounted myself.  I plummeted to earth, slammed into the side of the mountain, bounced off, fell a few more feet…and died.  I finally got myself back to Naxx, got to frogger…and died.  I had died so many times in a row, I had a 2 minute timer before I could be resurrected.  I got back to Naxx, got through frogger, and we took down Grobbulus.  We headed up to the pipe/tunnel right before Gluth.

I bet the astute reader will guess what happened next.  I fell off the pipe.  And then I died to frogger.


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