Clever use of game mechanics?

September 30, 2009 § 2 Comments

On Monday night I was working on leveling my tauren druid.

(Just a quick little back story on him: when I first created my troll shaman, I needed a bank alt, much like I had on the Alliance side.  I had tried a night elf druid, but just couldn’t get past the fact that I hate night elves so much.  But my hatred of Night Elves is best left for another post.  Anyway–I needed a bank alt, and my roommate convinced me that I should try a druid; he suggested that the reason I never got my old one past level 10 and why I eventually deleted him was not because of the class but the elves.  So I created him, and he stayed low level for a long long time.  But once I got my shaman to 80 and started healing I discovered I really enjoy being a healer.  And I also really enjoy being a tank.  So the possibility of playing a class capable of playing both really intrigues me.  So I’m now trying to level him to 80.  And for those wondering, yes, I also have a paladin I’m working on.)

Anyway, I was working on a quest in Desolace which required me to go to the north-east corner and kill a bunch of Hatefury Satyrs.  One quest simply required me to kill a certain number of various types of the Hatefuries.  But one of them required me to get a scalp from a Shadowstalker.  First I had a hard time finding Shadowstalkers.  Then the ones I did find just wouldn’t drop the scalp.  It was getting rather frustrating.  But then I had an epiphany.

Thistlefizz to the rescue!

I switched to my little warrior and made my way to Desolace.  As I recall I took my Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan, and was turned into a kobol, and then a trogg.  So much for ultrasafe.  Then I flew up to Nijel’s Point, and headed over to the Hatefury area.  My plan was to kill every Hatefury that wasn’t a Shadowstalker (so the rogues, betrayers, tricksters, etc).  I killed satyr after satyr.  At first I was just going to kill enough to get 20 or so Shadowstalkers to leave for my druid.  But after a while it sort of became an obsession.  I wanted to get every mob in the area to turn into a Shadowstalker.  I thought I was getting close until I discovered a secondary area with more Satyrs.  *sigh*  Ok, well, it shouldn’t take too much longer…after all I was only…two hours in.  It became a pattern.  Mount up, ride to a non-Shadowstalker, charge then shield slam, revenge, shockwave, or thunderclap.  Then mount up and do it again.

It was sort of hypnotic.  And  I was lucky in that no-one else wanted to have anything to do with the area so I didn’t have to worry about the Shadowstalkers I was spawning getting killed.  Everything was going great.  I had finally converted some of the most stubborn ones in the area.  There only remained 10 or so (out of 50-ish?), and I was ready to kill them good.  But then this message flashed in my chat box.

Server restart in [15:00].

I…but…you just…they can’t….*urk*

I immediately switched over to my druid, which of course due to lag too me 12 minutes.  Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration, but not much.  I started killing shadowstalkers left and right with the clock running down.  But no scalp.   I was starting to panic.  [10:00] Keep going! [5:00]  It’ll drop off the next one! [1:00] Crap I need mana! [:45]  Now I need energy! [:30] Ok I can get this [:15] last mob!  Hey! There it is! Let me just click on the…[You Have Been Disconnected From the Server]


“[Insert clever sign off phrase here]”


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