And now it’s time for another addition of “I never noticed that before”

January 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

In the Magus Commerce Exchange, Dalaran, there is a shop called the Scribes’ Sacellum.  It is here that scribes can learn their craft and buy their needed supplies.  It’s a well staffed, well stocked little shop.  And holy crap is it a tall store.  I was in there this morning, and I was reminded of a fairly true principle–most people just don’t ever bother to look up.  Because I looked up.  And what I discovered is that the Scribe’s Sacellum (sacellum by the way means small, usually unroofed, chapel consecrated to a divinity) extends up and up and up, and the walls are lined with books.  In fact, you know what it reminds me of is that room in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, the one where Charlie and his granddad drink that stuff that makes them float way up to the top where the fan blades are.  Except the Scribes’ Sacellum doesn’t have giant fan blades at the top of it.  It also doesn’t have any of that cool flying-inducing beverage.

In addition to this rather extensive library, there is a woman standing in the back of the Scribes’ Sacellum named Theresa Wolf, who carries the title Loremaster.  It would appear that this woman’s sole responsibility to conjure a spell that moves books from the shelves down below in the lower part of the shop, up into the very tippy top parts of the shop, ostensibly re-shelving them.  It’s hard to tell if that’s what actually happens because once the book gets all the way to the top it just disappears.  I don’t know why but it was really captivating to watch.

Anyone else noticed anything like this lately that they’d care to share?

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  • Anea says:

    Wow… the next time I log in, the first thing I’m going to do is run into the Scribe’s shop and look up. ’cause you’re right – we don’t habitually look up!

    The only thing off the top of my head that I can share isn’t a huge revelation – perhaps isn’t even interesting – it just requires you to spend more than 30 seconds in the First Aid shop in Dalaran. I know that people are continually in there, to turn in the fishing quest or to train – but let’s face it, you run in and grab your bag from the lady and run right back out, right? When you’re training, you have the training window up and if you’re skilling up on the spot, you have your first aid window up too, and you’re staring at numbers, not the scenery.

    However – when you go into the shop, there are three wounded people on the beds (they even have IVs) and a serpent on the ground. Olisarra the Kind and Josie Birch will take turns bandaging the people on the beds, but Josie will kneel down and check on the serpent.

    I thought it was a very nice gesture to see from a healer, tending even to the injured companions of their patients.

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