Three months! Hooray!

December 2, 2009 § 11 Comments

My blog is three months old today.  Yes, that’s right, today we’re getting all meta.  I can’t help it.  But since it seems like plenty of other bloggers self analyze their blogs, I feel justified in doing it myself.  Ok fine, the truth is I couldn’t think of anything else to write about today.  But I promise the post will be funny as well as informative.  After all, learning is fun!

I haven’t been around long enough to go into some long treatise on the intentions of the blog juxtaposed against the actual posts and the degree to which they have succeeded in implementing those intentions.  Besides, that’s totally boring.  So instead, I’m going to list a few stats and talk about the interesting things people are searching that lead them to my blog.

Total posts: 66. Well, 67 including this one.  Plus a large number of drafts (32) that I may or may not complete one day.

Total views: 2,758. It amazes me that this number is bigger than 5.

Total comments: 95. Yay comments! I cherish each and every one.  I try hard to reply to each comment, but sometimes I miss a few.  But don’t think that means I don’t appreciate your comments, cause I do!

Total spam comments blocked: 920. Holy crap!  Apparently the internet thinks I need a bigger wang; a lower mortgage; synthroid; a lesbian lover; coupons for a free oil change; and ways to evade taxes.

And finally, here are the most interesting search engine terms that somehow ended up linking to my blog.  Please note that I haven’t changed any spelling or grammar:

child insults doodyhead Yeah, cause my blog is full of childhood insults like doodyhead, buttface, fartsnifer, booger licker, and so forth.  I’m trying to appeal to all the 8 year-old children reading my blog.

cranky old teacher and joke I’m the 3rd link down!  I like to imagine that some high school kid has a really grumpy history teacher and they were looking for a way to really burn them.  I hope they found something good.

how old are gnomes? Ten thousand, four hundred, thirty two.  Or ten.  I forget.

can you be a great tank but a bad healer Absolutely.  Unless you’re a gnome.  Then you’re automatically awesome at everything.  All the time.

stop being cranky Never!

the great gnome conspiracy See? I’m not the only one out there who wants to know the truth!  Demand answers!  The truth is out there!

arthas vs gnome Winner: Gnome.  Duh.

Ok, fairly innocuous, but here’s where it  gets weird.  I promise you, I am not making these up.

worgon gone wild Those poor ‘worgon’.  Always being exploited for their sexy…um…’worgonness’.

wow pamela redpath touching Eeeeeeeeww

jessica redpath doesn’t give love Why do want her to love you anyway?  She just lost most of her family, she just needs to hate right now.

joseph redpath fails What is this obsession with the Redpaths and their shortcomings?

pregnant draenie I’m sorry…what?

*raises a tiny glass* Well that was fun.  Here’s to three months, and hopefully three more!  Then…we’ll see about three more after that.  If you behave yourselves.

“[Insert clever sign off  phrase here]”


PS: And now for the loaded, super-self conscious, slightly self-serving, all important question (hmm, could I be more passive and wishy-washy? Probably…):

Do you enjoy my blog so far?

§ 11 Responses to Three months! Hooray!

  • Calli says:

    Pregnant Draenie? That’s…. disturbing!

  • Kaly says:

    Congrats on 3 months! Just think you’ve outlasted many other bloggers who don’t make it past 3 days!

    Keep up the good work. You’re part of my daily comic relief!

  • Anea says:

    Happy 3-monthiversary!

    I do enjoy the blog! I especially liked “An open letter to those who stand on flight masters, mailboxes &c, with their mammoth mounts” and “Gnome racials are underpowered, just like everyone elses.”

    Here’s to three more months!


  • Syrana says:

    I have been enjoying your blog. You had me at “the floor is death.” 😉

    Search terms are one of my favorite things to look through and giggle at. I need to post the funny ones more often so everyone else can giggle too.

  • thistlefizz says:

    @Kaly: I didn’t know if I would make it past 3 days either, but I’m glad I did, and I’m glad I can provide you a little chuckle each day.

    @Anea: Thanks! I’m hoping that my letter reaches our mounted friends on mailboxes. Maybe we can start a fan club?

    @Syrana: I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my blog. It’s important to get the word out to everyone that the floor is death. Nothing good ever comes from the floor. GTFOOTF Should stand for Get thy feet off of the floor!

  • Tamarind says:

    Happy 3 months anniversary – and yes, I do enjoy your blog, I’ve just been rubbish about commenting on it, something I hope to ammend 🙂

    Also I don’t see why a Draeni wouldn’t want to settle down and raise a family of itty bitty spacegoats….

  • gnomeaggedon says:

    WoW You Cranky Ol’ Bastard!

    Congratulations you powerhouse of Gnome posting…

    I wish I had more reading time at the moment, I am so behind!

    Thanks for the GoogledGnome (yes you too can call it that!).. I love a bit of GoogledGnome

  • Larisa says:

    Congratulations! To keep a blogging for a week or two isn’t hard. It takes three months to make it a habit. I hope you won’t slip out of it.

  • Tapelia says:

    I do. I really really do.

  • thistlefizz says:

    @ Tamarind: I’m pretty bad about commenting on other people’s sites too–something I’m trying to fix. Cause comments are great!

    It’s not that I’m adverse to the idea of a pregnant draenei, I just think it’s weird someone searched that, and that my site was found through it.

    @Gnomeaggedon: Thanks mate! I’m just following in your footsteps, trying to post every day (or at least weekday).

    @Larisa: Habits. Hard to make, easy to break. I’m a little surprised I managed to be this diligent about it, so I might be able to keep it up. Stranger things have happened.

    @Tapelia: I’m glad you like it!

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