I has a bunny. See?

October 23, 2009 § 1 Comment

The astute CoG reader has probably noticed that the image on my header is a picture of my character, Thistlefizz, standing in Dun Morogh.  I thought it appropriate to have a picture of the cranky ol’ boy.  But I also included my non-combat pet <Snowshoe Rabbit> in the shot.  You might ask, “What does a small, non-threatening looking bunny have to do with being a gnome, being old, or even being cranky?”  Well, on the surface, nothing really.  Having that bunny out doesn’t make me crankier, older, or gnome…ier.  I included the bunny in the shot because that little rabbit is as every bit an endemic element of Thistlefizz as his sword, shield, and roflcopter.

I was already partial to rabbits, as I have two of them in real life.  A black and white dutch, and a white and gray dwarf that bears a striking resemblance to the <Snowshoe Rabbit>.  So I thought it was awesome that I could have a bunny follow me around on my adventures.  And we’ve been on lots of adventures together.

That little bunny has been with me since my very first day of World of Warcraft.  My roommate, Wizzbang*, was kind enough to purchase one and run it over to me while I was still traipsing about Coldridge Valley.  Me and and that little lagamorph have been through quite a lot of adventures together.  From the highest peaks of Blackrock Spire to the lowest depths of Azjol Nerub.  Sure, I’ve strayed and pulled out other pets.  I have a lot of them, and enjoy variety now and again.  Occasionally I’ll pull out Egbert, the Worg Pup, the mechanical squirrel, or even the brown rabbit.  But my one true love is little old snowshoe.  I love watching him hop along behind me, his little frame flopping along.  He’s always their, faithfully charging into even the most challenging of battles.  He doesn’t give up when I mount, he’s not afraid of following me off cliffs, and he doesn’t hesitate when I lead the charge against the biggest baddies in Azeroth.  I can’t even say that about my most trusted guildmates.

I’m curious if anyone else feels this way about any of their non-combat pets.  Do you feel incomplete if you don’t have a specific pet following you around?

“[Insert clever sign off phrase here]”


*By the way, I have some important news regarding him soon

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