Resource bars

September 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

You know what bothers me?  When you target an enemy mob, the only resource that is ever displayed is mana. No rage, no energy, no runic power (and eventually for hunters, no focus).  I never really thought about it until the Trial of the Champion.  I’ve run that thing quite a few times on both my Horde and my Alliance characters.  I’ve faced each of the different champions.  I’m good at remembering which ones are the shamans, and the warriors, and the mages, but for the life of me, I just can’t keep track of who is the rogue and who is the hunter.  I should probably make a sticky note and put it on my monitor, but that’s neither here nor there.  Every time the champions come out I wish that I could click on the rogue and see an energy bar.  Cause then I wouldn’t have to sheepishly ask every time, “um…remind me again which one the rogue is?”

I know it’s not a huge thing.  And maybe it’s too much of a hassle to program every mob in the game to have a resource bar.  But it bugs me.  There’s already a huge amount of things I feel like I have to remember when I tank and am in charge of marking mobs.  And if other mobs had energy bars I feel like it would be a lot faster to asses which mob needs to die first without having to memorize the difference between Stormforge Ambushers and Stormforged Runeshapers.

What do you think?

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